A report on the UbiComp conference. Of particular interest to me: William Griswold (UC San Diego) reports on findings from the ActiveCampus project, finds that IM users are more likely send instant messages to people located nearby, often to arrange in-person meetings. Supports findings from the Netville project – contact lends to contact – and for the concept of ”glocalization” – that many uses of new ICTs are inherently local. Wired News

A news article on a 64 year old man from the U.K. who pretended to be a teenager to have ‘overtly sexual’ correspondence with preteens in Britain. He was charged with attempted abduction. World”s Worst Internet Groomer Ever Caught Jailed

In response to a hastily written email from a Toronto police detective, Bill Gates is working with the Toronto Police to develop software to make it easier for police to investigate the dissemination of child pornography on the Internet. Bill Gates answers Canadian cop”s child porn plea