The Canadian government’s Policy Research Initiative publishes a wonderful quarterly journal called Horizons. The current issue is focused on research related to social capital in public policy initiatives. At first glance I can’t find any reference to the use of new technologies in building social capital, but it should still be a good read. Not just for Canadian researchers.

My Network Awareness project made its debut in an article by Jennifer Saranow in today’s Wall Street Journal Online. The article is a nice summary of the various types of friend finder, online dating, and social network applications that have become popular over the past year (e.g., Friendster, MatchMobile, etc). The article discusses some of the possible social implication of these technologies and includes a brief review of some developing social network technologies, including my own work and what looks to be some exciting stuff from Eric Paulos and Elizabeth Goodman at Intel Research Berkeley.

A short article by Howard Rheingold on location aware technologies for mobile phones. Nice discussion of some privacy issues, design considerations, and a glimpse into ongoing development by some U.S. carriers. THEFEATURE