The annual meeting of the American Sociological Association is little over a month away. This year the meeting is in New York, Aug 11-14. Barry Wellman and I have are editing a special issue of Information, Communication & Society (iCS) that will contain the top papers presented at the annual meeting that touch on issues related to communications, new media, information studies and related topics. This is the first of what will be an annual special issue of iCS published in conjunction with the ASA section on Communication and Information Technologies (a section that I will Chair for the next two years). If you will be at the ASA meetings, you may be interested in a spreadsheet I put together that contains a list of just over 100 papers being presented at the meeting that deal with communication and technology issues. I compiled the list by doing a search of the online program for every media and technology term I could recall. If you are presenting at the ASA and would like to submit your paper for the special issue of iCS, papers are due to me by October 31, 2007, refereeing will be complete by December 31, 2007, final accepted papers will be due to the editors by February 1, 2008, with publication in the summer of 2008.