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Wired suburb in the news : Ladera Ranch
I was interviewed for this article in the L.A. Times on the wired suburb of Ladera Ranch, located in south Orange County. The article includes reports of community organizing and various types of local community interaction as a result of the neighborhood intranet. I love that they report that it is the local email list that is largely responsible for supporting local community – just like in Netville. Of course, being L.A., this is not your typical wired suburb, sounds like they have a dedicated staff of techies doing community building. In Ladera, It'''’s a Beautiful Day in the Intranet Neighborhood
Sun Nov 30, 2003 @ 8:49:58 am


social networks and Friendster : danah boyd
Not all that long ago danah boyd was a student in my course on social networks – today she is page one in the Circuits section of the New York Times. Read all about her research on identity and social networks on Friendster.com. She is truly the expert on this topic Decoding the New Cues in Online Society.
Thu Nov 27, 2003 @ 5:08:43 pm


Barry Wellman on Cell Phones
I just finished listening to Barry Wellman on NPR (Barry was my dissertation supervisor in the day - see our many joint papers). The topic was cell phone number portability and the impact of mobile phones more generally on social relations. You can listen to the archine on National Public Radio (NPR) wbur OnPoint.
Tue Nov 25, 2003 @ 9:13:00 pm


designing cambridge: 21st-century communications for our community
In Cambridge, MA today or tomorrow? Join me, William Mitchell, Ceasar McDowell, Mitchel Resnick and others as we discuss how the Internet and other new information and communication technologies can be used to foster local community. MIT Communications Forum.
Fri Nov 21, 2003 @ 10:51:47 am


Teenagers in suburbia : same story new technology
Stories of bored suburban teens, getting in trouble by hanging out at the corner store or loitering in public spaces, have always been a part of the suburban ethos (see one of my favorite movies Clerks (1994)). The Boston Globe has a great story about how suburban teenagers are hanging out less at the corner store and increasingly using cell phones to organize much more spontaneous (and the parents argue more damaging) house parties. They quote a suburban police officer reminiscing for the past when he could approach teens hanging out at the local McDonald’s to find the night’s parties - now things are organized more ad hoc and outside of public spaces. A great example of both networked individualism and the ongoing narrative of life in the suburbs for teenagers.
Sun Nov 16, 2003 @ 2:23:59 pm


ASA Section on Communication and Information Technologies (CIT)
For the past few years I have been working to reinvigorate the American Sociological Association (ASA) section on Communication and Information Technologies (CIT). CITASA’ns have the opportunity to present their work at the annual ASA meeting, there is a new newsletter, a new email list, a new website coming soon, discounts on journals (Information, Communication & Society, New Media & Society, and The Information Society) and each new member gets a section “Sociology Bytes!†t-shirt. Membership growth is important to raise the profile of the sociological study of new technologies and it increases the number of sessions at the annual meeting. It is annual membership renewal time at the ASA, if you are an ASA member (or want to be) please help by joining the CIT section.
Fri Nov 14, 2003 @ 8:42:43 am


Public Networks - Private Places
I am increasingly interested in the privatization of public space. Mobile phones have facilitated the rise of “network individualismâ€; community forming around the individual without the dependancy of place. This allows for greater choice in social networks and arguably greater bonding social capital (contact amongst strong ties). Has it also lead to a decline of serendipity? Reduction in the diversity of social ties? Privatization of public space? I increasingly believe that it has, but have some hope that public uses of WiFi and cell phones encourage some spontaneity of interaction. All questions that I hope to address in my ongoing Network Awareness project. Interesting article on this subject in Metropolis Magazine - Disconnected Urbanism.
Wed Nov 12, 2003 @ 8:19:02 am


New publications
My two most recent publications on Netville were published this month (likely the last publications on this project). From the “publications†section of my website you can download a “draft†version, or if you or your institution have a subscription from the journal publisher, the final version of “Grieving For a Lost Network†and “Neighboring in Netville†(with Barry Wellman).
Mon Nov 10, 2003 @ 5:22:25 pm
webpage changes
Thanks to the assistance of my student, Cameron Marlow, I have completed the transfer of my homepage to my very own domain www.mysocialnetwork.net. If you are using rss to monitor my blog, please visit my website to update the location of the rss files, the old files will disappear soon (those located on e-neighbors.mit.edu).
Mon Nov 10, 2003 @ 5:19:08 pm


Jones on Internet deadwood
An interesting little news article on the “deadwood†of the Internet. A discussion about the number of abandoned websites and blogs that people have forgotten about or neglected to maintain over time. A good analogy by Steve Jones (University of Illinois at Chicago) about the importance of preserving “musty, out-of-print books†in the library and the importance of preserving “yesteryear'’s castoffs†from the Web. CNN: Internet littered with abandoned sites
Wed Nov 5, 2003 @ 1:23:37 pm

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